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ŽUSY s.r.o. (Žufánek and Sons, Ltd.) was founded by Marcela and Josef Žufánek and their sons Martin, Josef and Jan in 2000. It’s based in the village of Boršice u Blatnice near Uherské Hradiště, Southern Moravia, Czech republic.

Our orchards are located in one of the best locations for growing plums (Moravian Slovakia) with a favorable microclimate and soil at the foot of the White Carpathians. The orchard area amounts to 15 hectares and it’s under organic farming. We grow eight varieties of plums that ripen from July to September.

Čačanská plums ripen first; Stanley and Anna Späth plums last. We also grow Williams pearsGreen and “Graf Althanns” greengages and Oblacinska cherries.

We have gradually expanded the orchards to include aromatic and medicinal herbs, mainly for our absinthes.

Characteristics of the site

  • Terrain: Moderately sloping 8-10%
  • Land: medium heavy brown soil
  • Exposure: southeast, southwest
  • Elevation: 340 meters above sea-level
  • Average annual rainfall: 730 mm
  • Average growing season temperature: 15.1° C / 59.2° F
  • Average annual temperature: 8.9° C / 48° F

The heart of the company is the distillery with four distillation stills, each of 300 liters.

We have started our distillery production with one still manufactured by Destila Brno. As the production grew, we bought a second one in 2011. Since 2013, we are distilling our beloved gins which quietly made us get something special.

The special equipment is made by none other than Arnold Holstein, the legend in the distilling industry and the producer of the finest stills in the world for more than 50 years. They are unique because they can keep more of the flavoring substances from the distilled raw materials than other stills. Distillation is more sensitive, the rectification plates more elegant, and the alcoholic vapor has more space to slowly get to the cooler.

The entire company occupies an area of 3,500 square meters and consists of three buildings. Besides the distillery and the cellar, there’s the expedition, warehouse, herb drying kiln, archives, tasting room and fermentation plant. The construction started in 1992 and the last part, the extension with an expanded distillery and warehouse, was completed in 2016.

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