Produkte von Terre Stregate

Terre Stregate

Az. Agricola Terre Stregate
di Iacobucci Carlo
Via Municipio, 105
82034 Guardia Sanframondi (BN)

Primo Fiore” extra-virgin olive oil is created from the fruit selected from an excellent quality of olives, predominantly from the antique variety of Sannio Beneventano, “ortice”, “ortolana”, and “racioppella” which brings uniqueness to this oil and pure excitement. Extracted cold from the tree and hand-picked, “Primo Fiore” has an acidity level no higher than 0.2% with a light yellow colour. This oil expresses the maximum fruity aroma with a light scent of fresh cut grass and green tomatoes. This oil can be used on raw bread, vegetables, soups and fish. A true elixir of health and pleasure that exalts the flavours of the typical preparations of the Mediterranean traditions enriched of unique and magical scents.

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