Agrumato al cedro 200ml extra vergine di olivia, Esperidia

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Agrumato al cedro 200ml extra vergine di olivia, Esperidia
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  • 1667
Cedro ist eine seltene Limonen-Art. Sie hat wenig Säure und ist daher milder als Zitronen.... mehr
Produktinformationen "Agrumato al cedro 200ml extra vergine di olivia, Esperidia"

Cedro ist eine seltene Limonen-Art. Sie hat wenig Säure und ist daher milder als Zitronen. Agrumato al cedro ist nicht immer lieferbar. Dieses außergewöhnliche Öl ist vielseitig verwendbar. Auf frischen Salaten, zu Mozzarella mit Tomaten, Carpaccio, zu Gemüsen, zu Fisch und Meeresfrüchten, zur Abrundung von Desserts. die reinen, natürlichen Bestandteile dieses Öles vereinen sich in wunderbaret Weise mit den Speisen und heben deren Wohlgeschmack hervor, ohne ihn zu übertönen. Das Öl sollte nicht erhitzt werden, sondern erst vor dem Servieren über die Speisen gegeben werden. Alle Flaschen von Medi Terranea sind mit einem zusätzlichen Kork-Ausgießer ausgestattet - ideal zum Dosieren.

Natives Olivenöl etra, unbehandelte Cedrolimonen mehr

Natives Olivenöl etra, unbehandelte Cedrolimonen

100g enthalten durchschnittlich Energie kj/kcal 3389/824 Fett 91,6g... mehr
100g enthalten durchschnittlich
Energie kj/kcal 3389/824
Fett 91,6g
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Hinweise zur Aufbewahrung: Kühl und trocken lagern. Angebrochene Ware im Kühlschrank aufbewahren und innerhalb einer Woche verbrauchen.

Verantw. Lebensmittelunternehmer: Esperidia & co. srl, Esperidia & co. srl, IT 66034 Lanciano (CH)

Ursprungsland/Herkunftsort: Italien



The “bottom with olive trees” or “garden” as the old Pasquale Ricci used to call him because of oranges, lemons and mandarins planted in the shade of centuries old olive trees in that of Vieste on the Gargano, was a place of unforgettable summer picnics . The “tower”, a bare tuff building painted white lime, was the place of potatoes in the ashes and sauteed peppers and eggplant allowed to cool in the night on one of the stone columns of the pergola in order to preserve it from the eyes (and noses) and be able to enjoy prying, as dictated by tradition, in the morning for breakfast, seasoned by the salt left by the wind. Sante's son had chosen years ago, soon orphaned young mother and the beloved, in arming his military career and with the proceeds of the famous Sicilian banditry Prevention Group at the time of the bandit Giuliano, had bought other farms nearby and extra virgin “garden” had continued for many years to flavor “water room” (panzanelle), “sbarrune arrustute”(roasted sea bream) and “ arriganete patens ”(baked potatoes with oregano). But these are all the gardens until the love of man can 'give them the necessary care and old age when his grandfather Pasquale was stronger than his arms and his clear blue eyes, the result of one of the many Ottoman rule, took the color of the sea in autumn, the “garden” had to be sold. It remained indelible scents, tastes and passion for its products. Moti years after the young man and his brother Francesco Pasquale Ricci, born and raised in Lanciano in Abruzzo, lived far from the places of memory and time, respectively officials of the Province of Perugia and Banca Popolare di Lanciano, felt the irresistible need to find their own to deny the roots and finally alienating, boring, inappagante “safe” life of employees. The passion for the traditional flavors and aromas of their land of birth, teachings and support of their father and their connection to that world Sante farmer led them to rediscover their love for the olive oil and very original habits such as those for ' lemon oil, typical of Frentania, never appreciated beyond regional borders. The challenge was to ensure that these excellent products and unacknowledged could win with a clever and innovative recovery of traditions with an original production and marketing activity, the appreciation of food critics and fans all over the world. The Italian style in international markets, R&R, founded in 1991, was created to produce and market a typical product of Frentania: oil of lemon.

... It aims to turn this poor product and with limited marketing in another innovative and traditional at the same time and with international circulation. Ricci brothers are in fact the first to grasp the great potential of this product and create a true line of dressings based on the use of extra virgin olive oil and citrus. This raises the brand Infused with Lemon variants (traditional), Citron, Orange, Mandarin, Bergamot (1997) and the AGRORIGLIO®, citrus based dressing with lemon infused with oregano and garlic. The product innovation is also extended to the production of extra virgin olive oil through the creation of the Grand Cru, which once again anticipate more than five years the current production trends just recently recommended by the National Research Council. The Grand Cru are in fact extra virgin olive oils obtained from the use of a single variety of olives from a specific territory. Oils Grand Cru "monolivaggio" set new quality standards in order to make available to qualified customers, year after year, the product chosen. Products are then referred to as the Cru monolivaggio TORCULUM® "with variety and Gentile Leccino and most recently, in order to protect the specific agronomic cultivars of Abruzzo and take into disuse, the Gethsemane," Grand Cru monolivaggio variety of olive cultivar old with over two thousand years of history. The first promotion in the domestic market in 1992 carried out by international events such as Parma Cibus decree the attention of the operators, although the very high target at which the product is directed requires careful capillarization of the commercial network. At the same time, in order to create a culture of Citrus in the younger generation of chefs have always ambassadors of Italian cuisine in the world, I Ricci tighten relationships with hotel schools through initiatives to foster the use of the product by the students.

Unfortunately, the years when the young Ricci brothers' company began its activities are the distinguishing trait from the rapid economic crisis and despite the results of the public are flattering, it needs new logical and new commercial space.

The "Brothers" and then decide to tackle the international markets and first among them that the U.S. attended the Fancy Food Show in Washington. The success in the land of hot dogs and hamburgers of McDonald is very flattering.

The Mediterranean is fascinating beyond belief and the U.S. market suddenly becomes, as often happens in this country, a harbinger of great possibilities. Bill Clinton can enjoy with his guests in the dinner organized by the office at the White House RedSage restaurant, the "Marvelous" oil citrus fruits (tomato salad marinated in olive oil Infused with capers and basil). The product enters into the temples of gastronomy in New York and Washington (Dean and De Luca, Four Seasons Hotel), Boston (Bread and Circus), San Francisco (Pasta Shop), Long Island, East Hampton (The Red Horse Market ), Atlanta (Pano's Food Shop), etc.. Over the years, some 'choice for a bit' out of necessity, ethers markets are becoming increasingly important. While Italy is in fact showing less and less receptive, England, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and above all show great interest in products with a strong component of "art, culture and tradition." The turnover is growing constantly and the positioning required for the product by the marketing decisions you built up a highly qualified, which is a major business assets. In fact signed agreements with qualified companies in the distribution of food worldwide. In England, where London has now created an agency representative, sign a contract with Sainsbury's (the largest British company in the industry with a strong sales organization is very comprehensive with over 450 outlets). In Germany, R & R became the sole supplier of extra virgin olive oil and citrus of the multinational BASF since 1906 is in the field of wine. Aggressive policies are defined on the U.S. market where sales are expected to double from 1995 for the next three years showing, despite the modesty of the figures in dance, the great possibilities of a product born of an ancient culinary tradition of a region as Abruzzo, but "thought" to stimulate and satisfy the most diverse culinary needs. The winning formula that has since been emulated in many Italian and foreign companies and that day after day trying the "way of citrus oils, is certainly determined by the unique combination of two typical Mediterranean products such as olives and citrus fruits and chemical and organoleptic characteristics of the downstream product, just the citrus. This in fact embodies the characteristics of dressing of extra virgin olive oil (because it is both a chemical and organoleptic point of view) and the equally excellent in the variants of citrus aroma of lemon, of Orange, Mandarin, Citron aa help enhance any dish, from the simplest to the most complex dish gourmet salad. Moreover, such flexibility, stability sensory over time (like extra virgin olive oil), originality and simplicity at the same time, make this product suitable for both the kitchen all day (and novice) is the famous chef's cooking and creative. Among other things, the use of citrus in the kitchen at all latitudes allowing citrus fruits to suit any culinary culture from Asia to the Americas, in the heart of Europe back in the Asian market where the Foodex Japan 1997 decreed a great success on the market Japanese. Finally, after the paper printed all over the world, even televisions are beginning to be interested in this new food product. Infused in England is defined as the best extra virgin market and the BBC, in a column dedicated to the famous gourmet, devotes considerable space to the product program devoted to the preparation of Christmas dinner. Even the American CNN, in a program dedicated to extra virgin olive oils, gives ample space all'Agrumato. In the U.S. the product is on the boards of those who trend. Once again, the chef of the White House decided to dedicate all'Agrumato a plate used for the installation dinner of the second term of Bill Clinton.

The rich become official suppliers of the White House ... Aware of this potential, they have done and continue to make great efforts to spread the culture of this product using the facilities offered by new technologies. This raises the need to create communications systems that are able to contact the company directly with end customers in order to meet the information needs related to the use and adaptation of the same product to different culinary cultures. Internet thus becomes the only resource for a small but really usable with international ambitions and that due to communication and information on the product largely of the possibilities for expansion. From around the world it is possible through the network, typing see the beautiful catalog, full of information, and pictures, a wonderful product catalog, press coverage, a rich and creative cookbook, one can contemplate the beautiful region of Abruzzo, thus creating a direct link with consumers.

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